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Where Birds Go to Sleep

Quiet Little Feet

Where Birds Go to Sleep is a narrative game with voice acting and a painterly art style. Step into the mind of a boorish sailor, explore and change his desires, fears, prejudices and morals. Uncover the secrets of the island, become what you hate… to survive and escape.

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Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

Momo-Pi Studio

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension is a tactical action game whose gameplay is divided between free-roaming exploration segments and strategic battles with light puzzle & stealth elements. The focus is not on difficulty but rather on encouraging clever tactical decisions that lead to impressive results.

Meowjectory cover image


Meowjectory Team (Tallinn University / Masaryk University)

Meowjectory is a cute but challenging physics-driven puzzle. Bring your feline friend way past the puzzle of delicious obesity and captivating fishies. Set and time your trajectories well for the kitty to be fit enough to fit through, ‘till the end of the adventure.

Juro Janosik cover image

Juro Janosik

Black Deer Games

Juro Janosik is an action adventure about a legendary Slovak hero. Take an adventure across Slovakia, explore castles, solve puzzles, rob pandurs, liberate prisoners, steal from the rich and give loot to the poor.

A Bottle Journey cover image

A Bottle’s Journey

A Bottle’s Journey Team (Tallinn University)

A Bottle’s Journey is an adventure game about marine pollution. Play as Joe, a joyful plastic bottle, who wants to find the plastics’ Paradise, the North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Navigate atmospheric hand-painted environments where everything, even a plastic bag, has its own personality.

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Lost Twins 2


Lost Twins 2 is a mix of sliding and interactive puzzle elements to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Lost twins Abi and Ben must move across platforms, engage in challenging puzzles, swap tiles to create a path for each other, overcome obstacles and reach the portal to reunite and find their way back home.

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Space Cricket

Pipra Studio

Space Cricket is a casual mobile game that invites the player to try their hand at playing cricket in outer space.

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Omnibullet Team

Omnibullet is tower defense meets puzzle game. You have just become a new employee at Omnibullet Inc. battery factory. Your task is to charge the batteries by shooting at them with energy bullets. Build charging towers around each production line, test them on the batteries, and repeat until you design an efficient system.

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Box Of Denial

Self-Subsistence is a first-person story-driven experience with a touch of atmospheric horror. Joanna wakes up one day, determined to get her life back in order and make ends meet, during the pandemic lockdown. As she sets out to do that, Joanna looks back on the events that have led her to her current position in life, and is forced to face her demons.

Ashti cover image


Charles Games and People in Need

Ashti is a serious game where you must devise a water-saving plan as you balance different interests and policies in a small town. Made for teachers in Iraqi Kurdistan with local experts.

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Space Menace


Space Menace is a real-time sci-fi space exploration and space battle game. Make decisions about your fleet and equipment, face surprise and adversity, use friendly ships and space stations to your advantage, and fight fiercely for survival.