Digital Transformation

Research group aims to investigate the digital transformation at the organizations and how it can be explained and influenced. Also group focuses on understanding individual and organisational level learning processes and cross-institutional knowledge creation opportunities.


Related ongoing projects:


iHUB4Schools: Accelerating Digital Innovation in Schools through Regional Innovation Hubs and a Whole-School Mentoring Model – The Horizon 2020 funded project will propose mechanisms to accelerate whole-school digital innovation in and across schools through establishment of Regional Innovation Hubs.


SHERPA: SELFIE HElpeR & Pedagogical innovation Assistant – The project aims at widening, deepening and accelerating digital innovation in European schools by improving SELFIE-driven data-inspired and participatory decision making in the school development process. Funded by Erasmus+. 


Digital Mirror – The goal of this project is to develop a framework and tools for supporting self-evaluation of schools’ digital maturity. In collaboration with Ministry of Education and Science. 


DG-turn: Enhancing Quality of Education through Digital Innovation in Georgian Schools – Funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project aims to develop a training program for Georgian schools to promote their digital innovation and maturity.


Research group: Kairit Tammets, Tobias Ley, Linda Helene Sillat, Maria Jesus Rodriquez-Triana, Pirgit Sillaots, Eka Jeladze, Mart Laanpere, Kai Pata, Vladimir Tomberg, Priit Tammets, Pjotr Savitski