Latest EMMA offer includes first MOOCS translated in 3 languages

The latest offer of free MOOCs from EMMA for the May-June period features the first MOOCs translated in 3 languages ever offered as well as a host of new topics including the first MOOC on wine offered by the Université de Bourgogne, France. These MOOCs are open to learners all over the world and last from 6 to 8 weeks. They are all offered by the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, EMMA for short, bringing together leading university partners providing online, easy-to-access learning opportunities open to all learners.

Upcoming MOOCs:

  • ePortfolio self development study 15 June 2015 / Spanish & English
  • Excel 16 June 2015 / Spanish, Italian & English
  • Search on the Internet 16 June 2015 / Spanish, Italian & English

EMMA is experimental in nature and uses an integrated advanced automatic translation service. Feedback from the wider educational community is always welcome to help us to improve the platform.

EMMA is a 30 month pilot action supported by the European Union. EMMA showcases excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches and offers free, open, online courses in multiple languages from different European universities to help preserve Europe’s rich cultural, educational and linguistic heritage and to promote cross- cultural and multi-lingual learning.