JTEL Summerschool 2016 in Estonia

19.-25.06 Centre for Educational Technology hosted in collaboration with EA-TEL the 12th Joint European summer school on Technology-enhanced learning. Nearly 70 PhD students together with lecturers, workshop organizers and keynote speakers participated in summer school that was hosted in Roosta Holiday Village next to a nice sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

Pre-summerschool activities started on 19th June in Tallinn and after nice social events in Tallinn old town, group of students went to Roosta. Next days were full of lecturers, workshops and lot of social events. Special focus of the summer school was this year on learning analytics, several of the events focused on that theme, including keynote talks. Keynote speaker PhD Hannah R. Gerber, associate professor of literacy at Sam Houston State University,had a presention called “Tracing Informal Learning: The Role of Social Media Analytics to Understand Meaning Making In and Across Online Spaces”. Other keynote, professor of Educational Innovation Tobias Ley from Tallinn University, had a presentation about the Learning Analytics for Educational Innovation.

It was our pleasure to host the summer school and we would like to thank everyone for the collaboration.